Friday, 25 April 2014

WHY ISN'T THIS ON SCREEN? - Sir Bernard Spilsbury

Looking at film and television.   Some real life people and events should be films or TV shows, like...  Sir Bernard Spilsbury.

Bernard Spilsbury (1877 - 1947) Pathologist.


A bio-pic of a driven but flawed man, considered by many a genius but over-confident to the point that he is responsible for guilty men to be set free and innocent men to be hung who eventually commits suicide by gassing himself in his lab.

TV Series

Contains everything a television series needs:
  • Forensic Investigator - Pathologist.
  • Period Piece - Bulk of cases 1910 - 1934.
  • Charismatic - It is said his force of personality convinced may convinced many juries more than the evidence.
  • Flawed - Over-confident, suffered depression.
  • Driven - Willing to go beyond is expertise to convict someone he knows to be guilty.
  • Loner - Insisted on working alone, refused to train students.
And his work included famous cases an events:
He also
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