Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Monday 13th June 1977
Camp Scott Lodge, Mayne County, Oklahoma.

About 6am a camp counselor on her way to the showers finds the bound and bloody bodies of 3 girl scouts (ages 8, 9 & 10) in their sleeping bags 140 yards from their tent.

Cue the Horror Theme Music...

Gene Lerot Hunt, convicted rapist and kidnapper, who had been on the run after escaping from prison 4 years earlier was quickly suspected and a 10 month manhunt began.  During the manhunt Hunt's mother claimed that a local sheriff was trying to frame her son for the murders.  Eventually he was found in the home of a Cherokee medicine man who claimed that if Hunt was the real murder and was found innocent he'd die soon after.  Found not guilty, Hunt was returned to prison to complete his earlier sentence but died soon after.

Friday the 13th a film about murders at an abandoned summer camp was released in 1980.  The film states that Jason Voorhees' birthday is the 13th of June.
~ DUG.

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